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Hvis harddisken indeholder NTFS-partitioner, så kan disse fjernes ved at bruge freewareprogrammet: Delpart. Se nedenfor.


This should be "utilities" page as it pretty much concentrates solely on programs.
I want to make the TweakCentral files page a place where you can grab what you need quickly.


Warning: I've heard that there is a delpart that contains a trojan, but it's like 700+ kB in size. Download Delpart.exe (123kB) Just avoid that big one, or get Delpart directly from Microsoft's reskit.

It is useful if you want to remove any partitions from your HDD, especially NT-partitions.
If you want to deinstall Windows NT from an NTFS partition, you must delete that partition, because no other Operating system supports NTFS.
Depending on your situation, to accomplish this you need either delete an NTFS primary partition, or delete NTFS from an extended partition.
Because MS-DOS "FDISK" can´t be used to delete NTFS (Microsoft NT filesystem) partitions, you need "DELPART".
Delpart allows you to delete FAT and NTFS partitions from you Harddisk-drive

1. Copy the Delpart program to a bootable floppy disk.
2. With the Floppy disk inserted, restart your computer.
3. On the command prompt <A:> , type Delpart

Warning: Make backups, because all data on the selected partition will be lost. If you do not want to delete any partition, don´t use it, but Delpart is the best program I know to accomplish this work.

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